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  • About Me

    My name is Luz del Carmen Mendoza Estrada and I’m a dreamer.

    My interests go from photography, motion design, filming, music, writing and movies.

    I recently graduated from the Digital Design program at Vancouver Film School and have a background in Digital Arts.

    My first art projects were focused on the world we live and how society is so alienated from our true nature. Recently I try to focus my design projects to make a change on all this aspects.

    For me design is now more than selling the latest and most innovative app, more than promoting the last trends, or the next technology to make our life “easier”. For me design is a way to show the world what we are doing wrong, show how to change or ways. For me is more about designing to change.


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  • Butt Recycling Bins← back

    My Tools

    • Illustrator
    • C4D
    • After Effects

    3D Modelling and Animation

    Environmental Campaign

    Butt Recycling Bins is a social campaign that raise awareness and educates people about cigarette litter and how to recycle it.


    Creative Director, Designer, Post Production


    The Butt Recycling Bin was my graduate project from the Digital Design program at Vancouver Film School. We were tasked to find a problem that we could solve with design. I wanted a project that could reflect my interests and ideals, so I chose an environmental problem, cigarette litter. Some of the problems I faced was the whole concept of the project and messaging, how to make people change a behavior. during the research I found about a program that recycles cigarette waste and that was the solution for making my project than just an anti-littering campaign. The project was done in Cinema 4D, to showcase the skills I learned during the year.  


    Case Study

    Butt Recycling Bin Case Study from Luz Mendoza on Vimeo.
  • The Attic← back


    My Tools

    • Cardboard  & Glue
    • Acrylic Paint
    • Felt & Cotton
    • Needle & Thread
    • Canon 5D Mark II
    • Photoshop
    • After Effects

    Stop Motion

    Title Sequence

    The Attic is a title sequence inspired by the novel of V.C. Andrews, Flowers in the Attic.


    Creative Director, Photography, Post Production


    The brief was to create a title sequence based on a movie or TV show; I chose to do Flowers in the Attic by V.C. Andrews. The story is focused around 4 kids locked up in the attic trying to create a world of their own where they could play and hav e a happy childhood. I decided to do a stop motion combined with film and recreate an attic environment with cardboard and fabric.

    Making of:

  • Aura← back

    My Tools

    • Illustrator
    • C4D
    • After Effects

    Branding & Motion Design

    Broadcast Channel Logo

    Aura is a channel that reconnects the viewer with their nature, helping them find inner peace and enlightenment.


    Creative Director, Designer, Post Production


    The brief was to create a broadcast package, which includes the concept, logo, station id, background, lower third and bumper. I decided to do a channel inspired in nature and inner peace that would reflect the enlighten lifestyle of a more natural way of living. I used light colors following some theory of color and organic shapes.

  • Awakening← back


    My Tools

    • AfterEffects

    Motion Graphics

    Animated Poster

    Experimental animated poster for a fictitious movie



  • Ink & Typography← back

    My Tools

    • Illustrator
    • ProTools
    • Premiere

    After Effects

    Typography Documentary

    Ink & Typography is a short documentary interviewing Caleb Schroeder from Capstone Tattoos about tattoos that involve typography


    Sound Recording, Video Assistant, Editor Assistant


    On our class of Typography we were tasked to make a project that involved type. Ryan Ali came originally with the idea of Typography and Tattoos, but it was Gary Duong who decided to make it real. With the collaboration of Rodrigo Moncada and Myself, we contacted Caleb from Capstone Tattoos and made a short interview with basic questions of Tattoos and Typography. Rodrigo worked with the design of the Title typography as well as record footage and editing. Gary filmed most of the footage and edited sound  and video, and worked with color correction. I assisted with sound editing, and final details on the video edition.

Hola! My name is Luz. I'm a Motion Designer and my goal is to design for social and environmental change. I find inspiration in nature, cultural interaction and human behavior. Please take a look to my projects and feel free to contact me for any inquiry. Thanks!


Sizzle Reel from Luz Mendoza on Vimeo.